dimanche 15 janvier 2012

Day 17

Wow can't believe it's been this long since I did my last post - it's really difficult to get on the internet so looks like it's going to be infrequently I can write, at least it means I have a lot to talk about! 

It hasn't snowed anymore, weather's been beautiful though, blue bird days for the past week. Went out boarding on Friday with my boss and friend/work colleague, we covered a lot of ground and ended up heading over to Les Gets where the views were spectacular on top of the mountain side.  We could literally see for miles, all the way over to Mont Blanc and areas such as Flaine and Les Carroz, which is where I used to ski a lot. Perfect snow as well, not too icy.

As we don't have a specific change over day in the chalet it means if I'm efficient enough I could be out by 10.30am at the earliest which is great if I want to get in a long day of boarding. Yesterday was absolutely manic though as a whole new batch of guests arrived (20 of them!) so I had a lot of rooms to change...not leaving until 1pm. On the days when I'm not boarding I tend to chill out in my apartment sleeping, watching movies and reading books which is really nice as I have a great view to look at as well. 

Night's out wise I tend to go out Tuesday and Wednesday night's, purely because Wednesday is my day off, so it's okay if I'm hanging! All the seasonaires are out then too, so it's always buzzing. Tremplin which is a resturant/bar at the bottom of the Pleney Bubble in the centre of Morzine  does a really good apres ski evening from 4-8pm every Wednesday where they have live DJ's playing gooood music :) that's always really great to go to, and you can board/ski straight down there. Sunday night is also a good night at a place called Cafe Chaud. It's a great drum & bass/dubstep night which I went to once and want to go back every week too! Admittedly you have to be pretty drunk to step foot in their as it's a bit of a dive, but I swear going to a place that plays good music just makes everything 10 times better anyway. 

Until the next update :) 

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